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Chocolate Boxes

Dont just make perfect chocolates with NY Cake Supplies, Display them too with these high quality chocolate display boxes.


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Check Out Slews of Chocolate Boxes at N.Y. Cake

There’s nothing like giving out a box of chocolates to brighten someone’s day. But if you’re using boring chocolate boxes, that could be why potential buyers are skipping your products.

Turn things around with better packaging solutions. Shop for chocolate boxes online with us at N.Y. Cake.

Get tools and supplies

Building a successful bakery takes time and hard work. It also takes a lot of supplies. Without the proper supplies like boxes, you could hurt the appeal of your products. The best chocolate boxes can add another dimension to your product, display it in a way that makes it irresistible for chocolate lovers and encourage your customers to buy.

Prepare those tokens

If you’re organizing tokens for a celebration—a wedding, reunion or birthday party—wouldn’t it be so much nicer to make sure those tokens look impressive and festive? Shop for the right chocolate boxes online. With gold tray inserts and slider box cavities, you won’t have to look anywhere else for the supplies you need. Shop around with N.Y. Cake and get what you need to put together those tokens. With winning packaging options, your tokens are sure to capture the appreciation of your event guests.

Save on costs

When you order boxes for more than $75, then you won’t have to worry about shipping costs anymore. We offer free shipping for orders above that price point. If you’re ready to shop for supplies, then shop with us. With free shipping, you can order more supplies or save on costs.

Get them the same day

If you’re near our Warehouse, then you can simply put in a call for your orders in the morning and get them from us the same day. Find out more about the same-day pickup services we offer by giving us a call today.