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How to Bring Home the Glitter Trend for Your Wedding This Year

All that glitters is not gold – sometimes it’s a candle! If you’re searching for ways to set your wedding décor apart, you may want to stop looking for nontraditional or unexpected elements and reach instead for something classic – with a sparkling twist. Glitter candles are just one more way the glitter trend has made its way into every part of our lives in 2018, and will continue to rule in 2019 and beyond!

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere!

If you’ve been shopping lately, you have undoubtedly noticed the trend toward sparkle. From children’s toys to high-fashion women’s accessories, people are adoring glitter these days. The trend has more than found its home in wedding trends, as well, from silver glitter candles to material and accessories on the bride herself. If you’re looking for on-trend additions to your special day, glitter is the way to go.

The Gold Standard

Another popular trend in fashion and décor that has come home to roost with wedding planners and designers everywhere is the metallics trend. People are falling in love with metallic shades, from silver and gold to romantic hues like rose gold and copper. Adding metallic to your scheme is one easy way to make your special day really glow. Gold, in particular, adds a charming warmth that is both of-the-moment and totally traditional. Perfect for all seasons, it’s the metal shade brides have been leaning on for generations.

Metallics are also a perfect vehicle for introducing the glitter trend to your scheme as well. Nothing is quite as perfect for both winter weddings and spring shindigs as gold glitter candles or sparkly silver pieces. Don’t be afraid to combine the shine of your metal shades and the twinkle of glitter, either; you can put both to work at once for a beautiful event when you balance them with your other elements.

Offbeat Without Going Off-Trend

If having a wedding that stands out from all the others you’ve seen is still the most important thing for you and your betrothed, you can still welcome the glittery candle trend onto your tables and taper holders. Consider black glitter candles for a bold and beautiful addition to any décor, or deep shades of blue, violet, or pewter metal tones with glitter to turn trends on their ear.

Ready to browse our extensive collection of glitter candles? NY Cake has everything you need to make your big day shine – from metallics to sparkled and everything in between!