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Petal Dust Colors

NY Cake colors are chosen by the professionals for their beautiful array of colors and excellent coverage.


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Add a Bit of “Shine” to Your Baked Goods

Have you ever seen shiny, yet edible, decorations on the top of cupcakes or cakes? If so, there is a good chance these items were created with petal dust. This is a type of decorating powder used in candy and cake decorating to add a bit of sparkle and color to your desserts. Petal dust is sold in a huge selection of colors, which we offer on our website, including the most common colors of silver and gold.

Decorations You Can Eat

In the world of baked goods, it is important to use only ingredients and materials that are safe to eat. Petal dust is completely safe for everyone to consume as long as it has been labeled as “food grade” or “FDA approved.” There are some options of petal dust that are for decoration only. When you are purchasing this decorative element, read the label carefully to ensure you purchase the right kind for your project.

Finding the Dust That’s Right for You

While there are many types of “dust” you can use in baking, petal dust is often sought because of the realistic look it can give to flowers. If you want something to look real, this is a must have in your baking arsenal.

Learn more about petal dust and other decorative baking elements by contacting our team at NY Cake today.