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Spatula & Scraper

Spatulas are the must have tool in every kitchen! Made of stainless steel blades, choose from either a wooden or plastic grip. Available in either straight or offset blades. A quick and easy way to add a design to the side of your buttercream and whip cream cakes. Plain scrapers are great for cleaning out your work bowl, work surface and more. Decorating comb or confectioner's spreader for your favorite desserts. These baker's utensils are a must-have for a fully loaded decorating toolkit, so be prepared for any design with a new comb set. To use these decorating combs, gently drag the comb's edge over your icing to create bold lines and shapes on the pastry or cake's surface. We offer single icing smoothers or full sets to cover all of the bases, allowing you to pastry shop for specific designs or prepare for anything that comes your way. 
Made of plastic and Stainless Steel.

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